Food and beverage

Wastewater treatment and reuse for secondary factory purposes.

Food and beverage wastewater can be considered as a significant source of environmental pollution. Their management is particularly difficult because of their contents of organic and inorganic substancessuspended and dissolved solids, and their high COD value.

Every wastewater from the food and beverage production chain presents its own specific treatment challenges. Meat, poultry or fish processing chains have different wastewater treatments: EVALED® wastewater evaporation systems are ideal for the dairy wastewater treatment,  beverage industry wastewater processing, for the treatment of yeast production wastewater as well as for fruit and vegetables canning industry wastewater. We know that beverages, fruit juice production, brewing, spirits production and distilleries have different and specific wastewater treatment needs: that’s why our wastewater treatment products are also a perfect fit for the treatment of distillery wastewater and for wastewater from food ingredients or confectionery production processes.


Water reuse in the food and beverage industry wastewaters treatment

Water reuse and water recycling in these sectors are becoming more and more crucial both for economic and environmental sustainability reasons; the treatment before the disposal or discharge of food and beverage wastewater is even more important when detergents are used.

In-plant wastewater treatment and recycling can be employed for:

  • floor washing
  • facilities cleaning
  • container and plants rinsing
  • boiler feeding.

EVALED® wastewater evaporation systems for the treatment of food and beverage industries wastewater

All the effluents coming from the food and beverage production processes can be reused a second time allowing for water saving and by-products recovery (when possible and needed).

EVALED® evaporators are a technological solution for:

  • Food and beverage industries wastewater treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water recycle/reuse
  • By-product’s recovery
  • Production of DEMI water

On the basis of the average needs in the food and beverage industries wastewater treatment, most of the EVALED® references worldwide are installations of:

Heat pump and forced circulation evaporators
Scraped evaporators with heat pump and forced circulation

Application & products


Application Evaled ADDED VALUE
Small dairy wastewater AC, PC Product recovery, sludge reduction
Water with sugars RV Water and product recovery, disposal cost reduction
Mixer, tanks washing water RV, PC Water and product recovery, disposal cost reduction
Fish processing tanks washing water PC Sludge reduction
Vegetables processing tanks washing water RV, PC Sludge reduction
Laboratories discharge PC Disposal cost reduction
RO, DEMI plants concentrate RV, AC ZLD, water recovery, disposal cost reduction
Wet scrubber blow-down RV, AC ZLD, water recovery, disposal cost reduction


Small dairy production
Candies production
Fish cannery industry
Vegetable cannery industry
Meat processing
Food laboratories

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