RV F evaporators for industrial wastewater treatment

Evaporators with mechanical vapor recompression and forced circulation

The RV F series is the EVALED range of evaporators designed to offer maximum reliability in heat transfer while minimizing fouling and scaling.

The application of mechanical vapor recompression technology is the basis of the reduced energy consumption that distinguishes this line of evaporators from other technologies on the market. Calories and refrigerants needed to heat and cool the inlet and outlet streams are in fact provided by the treated liquid, allowing a specific electricity consumption of only 35 - 45 kWh/ton.

Reduced power consumption
Diverse fields of application

The RV F series industrial wastewater treatment evaporators have a capacity range of 12 to 120 tons/day of distillate produced, and are therefore the EVALED technology suitable for many sectors, including those with high water consumption.

Throughputs of 12 to 120 tons/day (3850 to 38400 tons/year) of distillate produced

In many sectors, their combination with an AC R series evaporator enables the achievement of ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), which effectively means the complete re-use of treated water for various business purposes or even within the production process. This results in lower disposal costs, considerable savings in water supply costs, compliance with environmental regulations and discharge limits, and in many cases the separation/recovery of by-products.

The right choice when:

- the containment of energy consumption is a crucial condition
- the wastewater flow rate to be treated is considerable
- outdoor installation is required

Operational advantages:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High quality of the distillate obtained
  • Continuous working mode
  • Automated unit  
  • Remote control
  • Ease of use
  • Tailor-made
  • Service Packages
  • Rental possibilities  

All EVALED evaporators are standard and modular, frame-mounted automated units to minimise the space required, require minimal labour and maintenance, and are ready to use (plug & play).




Model Max distillate produced
RV F 12 12 tonnes/day
RV F 15 15 tonnes/day
RV F 25 25 tonnes/day
RV F 40 40 tonnes/day
RV F 60 60 tonnes/day
RV F 120 120 tonnes/day
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