AC R - AC S evaporators for industrial wastewater treatment

Hot/cold water scraped evaporators/crystallisers

The AC R and AC S series evaporators are designed for wastewater treatment and offer the highest level of concentration and solids separation in the entire EVALED range. The models in these series add an internal surface scraping system (auger or oscillating depending on the model) to the effectiveness of low-temperature evaporation provided by the vacuum condition in the boiler, that enables to obtain a semi-solid final concentrate with a dry matter content higher than 75%.

The high concentration capacity coupled with the ability to treat wastewater containing a high content of dissolved or particularly viscous solids, make these evaporators the ideal choice often also as a second concentration step, downstream of a first evaporator that pre-concentrates the initial flow rate. A waste treatment plant in which a first forced circulation unit is combined with a second AC R or S evaporator can achieve a reduction of up to 98% of the initial effluent to be treated.

High concentration factor

The availability of a cogeneration or flue gas heat recovery plant makes these evaporators especially advantageous as they are able to harness excess thermal energy, thereby lowering the operating costs associated with electricity consumption.

Flow rates of 3 to 12 tonnes/day (960 - 3840 tonnes/year) of distillate produced

Ideal for handling pre-concentrated liquids

The high concentration factor allows ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) targets to be achieved, reducing supply costs and water impact, as well as substantially reducing disposal costs.

The right choice when:

- the waste to be treated has a high dissolved salt content
- aiming for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) and thus maximum reduction of disposal volumes and costs
- hot water or a surplus of thermal energy is available on site

Operational advantages:

  • Ideal in the presence of low-cost thermal energy
  • High concentration
  • Suitable for handling particularly dirty and encrusting liquids
  • Batch work mode
  • Automated unit  
  • Remote control
  • Ease of use
  • Tailor-made
  • Service Packages 

All EVALED evaporators are standard and modular, frame-mounted automated units to minimise the space required, require minimal labour and maintenance, and are ready to use (plug & play).



Model Max distillate produced
AC R 3 23 tonnes/day
AC R 6 6 tonnes/day
AC S 12 12 tonnes/day
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