Quality & Safety

The safety and high quality standards of EVALED® evaporators are a basic element from the earliest design stages of our machines.


Each EVALED® wastewater treatment evaporator:

  • is designed in accordance with the safety standards applicable in the European Union and any additional ones required by the client to its own specifications or applicable to the country in which it will be installed, including regulations concerning CE marking, pressure components, electrical installation and software operation;
  • is manufactured to strict standards that guarantee high levels of quality and safety throughout its life, with no possible exceptions;
  • is designed to be prepared for use in a variety of situations and to prevent dangerous situations through appropriate design, the inclusion of systems to allow safe use, and signalling by means of pictograms and instructions in the manual;
  • is individually tested by specialised personnel who certify its perfect functioning and maintenance of performance under all conditions of intended use, before leaving the production plant in Zoppola (PN - Italy).


Each EVALED® evaporator is supplied with a Use and Maintenance Manual in which all safety aspects and measures to be taken to eliminate or reduce to the minimum possible any source of risk both during normal use and during routine and extraordinary maintenance are indicated, and with the aim of maintaining high standards of efficiency and safety over time. 

The suppliers of the components installed on EVALED® evaporators are carefully evaluated, and the materials supplied are subjected to rigorous checks to certify their compliance with requirements, the precision of their workmanship, and finally, through final testing, their perfect functioning.

The technologies and equipment used in the production of EVALED® products are the best currently available, and such as to guarantee the best quality and safety results for operators.

The production plant itself, located in Zoppola (PN - Italy), where EVALED® evaporators are manufactured, was built according to Veolia Water Technologies' specific requirements, also aimed at ensuring the highest operational level of quality and safety.

The energy used for the production of our technologies comes mainly from renewable sources.

The achievement of certifications according to international Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Occupational Health & Safety (ISO 45001:2018) standards by the organisational structure overseeing the manufacture of EVALED® evaporators is therefore a logical consequence of all the above.