Pilot and rental units

Evaporators for wastewater treatment supplied for pilot trials or for rental.

EVALED is a solution that can also solve temporary water treatment problems.

A fleet of rented mobile units is always available to cope with both short-term emergencies and long-term, plannable treatment needs. Evaporators can be installed as stand-alone units or be integrated into existing systems for a variety of industries. 

  • Emergency response
  • Planned management
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Verification of feasibility and actual performance.

 The opportunity to have an evaporator available for hire or to carry out pilot trials allows for avoiding interruptions in operations and maintaining continuity in wastewater treatment.

With rental units, it is also possible to verify the actual performance and results that can be achieved by using an evaporator, and then extend them to full scale.

We also supply evaporators for hire to engineering companies.


  • New system installation
  • Planned plant maintenance
  • Scheduled or unscheduled plant shutdown
  • Production peaks
  • Modification of mains water


  • Large fleet available
  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions
  • Comprehensive assistance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Environmentally friendly (no regeneration of chemicals on site, reduced CO 2 emissions
  • Compact systems
  • Experience of the support team