Oil and Gas

Upstream and downstream wastewater treatment for environmental regulations compliance.

The oil and gas industry faces water and wastewater treatment specific challenges. EVALED® evaporators represent an effective solution for both downstream (onshore and offshore) and upstream plants, allowing ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

EVALED® evaporators are a technological solution for:

  • ZLD projects
  • Water recycling and reuse
  • Compliance with environmental regulations


Application & products


Application Evaled ADDED VALUE
Refineries concentrate stream wastewater RV, AC Water recovery, sludge reduction
Heavy oils water separation AC Product recovery, disposal cost reduction
Cooling towers blow-down RV, AC ZLD, water recovery
Gas scrubber blow-down RV, AC Water recovery, disposal cost reduction
RO concentrate RV, AC ZLD, water recovery
IE regeneration RV, AC ZLD, water recovery, disposal cost reduction
New or revamping WWTplants RV, AC Water reuse, disposal & oper. costs reduction


Application Evaled ADDED VALUE
Shale Gas Frac Water RV> Mobile units, water reuse, disposal cost reduction
Coal gas perforation WW RV Mobile units, water reuse, disposal cost reduction


Shale gas companies
Coal gas companies
Heavy oils power engines

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