RV N evaporators for industrial waste water treatment

Evaporators with mechanical vapour recompression and natural circulation

EVALED evaporators in the RV N series are specifically designed for the treatment of oil-containing wastewater and are the ideal product line for the treatment of oily emulsions typical of the mechanical engineering and surface treatment industries.

Specific power consumption: 47 kWh/ton
Compact unit

The high energy efficiency coupled with the reliability of the mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) technology have helped the RV N line to become an optimal solution over time also for the treatment of industrial effluents from other sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Generally speaking, RV N evaporators, thanks to their natural circulation, can be used to treat non-aggressive waste water containing oils and heavy metals.

6 tonnes/day (1900 tonnes/year) of distillate produced

The RV N evaporators have a capacity of 6 tonnes/day of distillate produced and are mainly proposed for minimising the volume of waste to be disposed of and recovering water, thus reducing disposal costs, saving on water supply costs, and complying with environmental regulations and discharge limits.

The right choice when:

- non-aggressive liquids must be handled
- oily wastes are to be treated

Operational advantages:


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High quality of the distillate obtained
  • Batch work mode
  • Automated unit
  • Remote control
  • Ease of use
  • Tailor-made Service Packages
  • Rental possibilities


All EVALED evaporators are standard and modular, frame-mounted automated units to minimise the space required, require minimal labour and maintenance, and are ready to use (plug & play).




RV N 6 6 tonnes/day
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