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Distillery waste: from Pot Ale to Pot Ale Syrup

By 30 April 2019case, food, pcr, rvf

Ardnamurchan Estates own and manage a significant proportion of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland. Activities include tourism, cattle and sheep farming, sport fishing, deer hunting, forestry and distillery.

Customer’s needs
Pot Ale is a waste product from the whisky distilling process and is the residue left in the bottom of the copper still after the distillation process is complete. The Clients needs to convert the Pot Ale to Pot Ale Syrup and then use this as a feed for their cattle farm.

The Solution provided
Two units: EVALED RV F 15 and a EVALED PC R 2.
EVALED RV F is a range of mechanical vapor recompression evaporators designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with the minimum fouling and scaling.
EVALED PC R is a range of heat pump vacuum evaporators designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids at low temperature and able to manage a high level of fouling and scaling phenomena (viscous liquids, sediment presence).

The Solution achieved
The solution achieved the production of a Good quality Pot Ale Syrup thanks to a low energy solution and Perfect size of the equipment, suitable for the relatively small quantities of Pot Ale processed daily (traditionally, Pot Ale Syrup evaporators have only been installed in larger distilleries with a higher daily production of Pot Ale). At the same time the solution achieved an effective and automated cleaning system for the evaporators.