PC F series is designed to produce maximum distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs. Each model is a compact skid-mounted unit, simple, safe and easy to move. Control is by a PLC, including the functions of feed and discharge, therefore allowing automatic operation and minimum supervision. All models are designed for continuous operation, 24h/day, and require just electrical supply and compressed air.

PC F series evaporators operate in a high vacuum condition, with the boiling chamber pressure set at 5-6 kPa (absolute vacuum), in order to save the thermal energy produced by the heat pump. In this way the boiling temperature of the wastewater is approximately 40°C (104°F) and typical phenomena (scaling, precipitation, corrosion) which may reduce the performance are either eliminated or considerably reduced.

  • From 0,7 to 24 m3/day – 0.13 – 4.4 US gpm of distillate
  • Dramatic reduction of volumes and disposal costs
  • Water reuse and matter recovery
Type Distillate produced
PC F 0.7 0,7 m3/day – 0.13 US gpm
PC F 1.4 1,4 m3/day – 0.26 US gpm
PC F 2.4 2,4 m3/day – 0.44 US gpm
PC F 4 4 m3/day – 0.7 US gpm
PC F 6 6 m3/day – 1.1 US gpm
PC F 8 8 m3/day – 1.5 US gpm
PC F 12 12 m3/day – 2.2 US gpm
PC F 24 24 m3/day – 4.4 US gpm

EVA life

Veolia Water Technologies Italia is a reliable partner as ensures a lifetime guarantee for the EVALED® evaporators.