PC F Series evaporators for industrial wastewater treatment

Heat pump and forced circulation evaporators

The PC F series evaporators represent the most versatile range in the entire EVALED catalogue. These units utilise heat pump technology to provide effective treatment of industrial wastewater at low temperatures.

The evaporation of the waste takes place at a maximum temperature of 40° C due to the vacuum condition created inside the boiling chamber.

up to 95% reused water
5% concentrate for disposal

In this way, the 8 models of the PC F series make it possible to treat liquids with a high dissolved solids content while minimising the occurrence of fouling and scaling.

The low temperatures reached in the boiler also allow optimal treatment of heat-sensitive liquids.

Flow rates of 0.7 to 24 tonnes/day (225 to 7700 tonnes/year) of distillate produced

8 models

SUPERDUPLEX and AISI316: different materials of construction to handle even the most aggressive effluents (acid pH, chlorides, heavy metals)

The yield in terms of distillate production can be up to 95%.

The high quality of the distillate produced allows it to be reused for various business purposes, thus reducing supply costs and water impact. The drastic reduction in wastewater volumes means that disposal costs are reduced accordingly, making a return on investment often quantifiable in months possible.

The right choice when:

- the waste to be treated has a high dissolved solids content
- the wastewater to be treated contains temperature-sensitive substances
- it is required to treat particularly corrosive effluents

Operational advantages:

  • Continuous working mode
  • Low operating costs
  • Automated unit 
  • Remote control
  • Ease of use
  • Tailor-made Service Packages
  • Rental possibilities 

 All EVALED evaporators are standard and modular, frame-mounted automated units to minimise the space required, require minimal labour and maintenance, and are ready to use (plug & play).



Model Max distillate produced
PC F 0.7 0.7 tonnes/day
PC F 1.4 1.4 tonnes/day
PC F 2.4 2.4 tonnes/day
PC F 4 4 tonnes/day
PC F 6 6 tonnes/day
PC F 8 8 tonnes/day
PC F 12 12 tonnes/day
PC F 24 24 tonnes/day
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