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ZLD solution for Lithium mining

By 6 November 2020acr, case, mining, rvf

The Client is the world’s leading lithium minerals concentrate producer, supplying product for the clean energy revolution. The site is comprised of a number of open cut mining pits for spodumene (lithium mineral) and leading-edge lithium concentrate production facilities. 

Customer’s needs
The Client cannot discharge any lithium into groundwater and must reach ZLD for the treatment of wastewater coming from the mining process. The evaporator system is the third step for the separation of lithium from the water and its concentration with the other salts.

The solution provided
Three EVALED® evaporators RV F 60 and four EVALED® evaporators AC R 12.
RV F is the mechanical vapor recompression evaporators line designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with the minimum fouling and scaling, with very low energy consumption.
AC R is the hot/cold water evaporator/crystallizer with scraped heat exchanger surface designed to treat a high concentration of solids. Often it follows a primary evaporator in series to provide further concentration.

The solution achieved

      • zero lithium discharged in the environment
      • ZLD
      • Total water separated: ∼96%
      • Evaporation concentration factor: 24
      • Total concentration factor: 479
Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
3x Mechanical Vapor Recompression RV F 60 UNS S32750 3 x 20.9
4x Hot/cold water scraped AC R 12 UNS S32750 4 x 14.5