Understanding and quantifying the impact on water resources is essential to maintain the sustainability and future prosperity of the planet: there is no substitute for water.

Major corporations are increasing their focus on water management as the business and humanitarian case for developing a proactive approach becomes more compelling. Many companies also face substantial business risks related to water.

Developed by Veolia Water, the Water Impact Index expands on existing volume-based water measurement tools by factoring in three essential elements: quantity of water used, level of stress upon water resources and overall water quality. It provides additional parameters needed to make informed choices about effective water management.

A new metric for assessing water impact.

The Water Impact Index provides a means of measuring the improvement that industrial investments in treatment infrastructure provide to the local region and community.

The Water Impact Index enables evaluation of how other water usages (both human and natural through ecosystems) could potentially be affected through mismanagement of water or industrial wastewater systems.

EVALED® evaporators represent a good response to the increasing problem of water shortage providing opportunities for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), water reuse and recycling.