The EVALED® Service Packs offer programs tailored to fit your water treatment needs.
Choose the best after-sale support for your industrial wastewater evaporators.
Join EVA life Program.

EVA life / Service Program
It is available as Full Service for a complete package including any after-sales activity and availabe as a Customized Full Service thanks to the opportunity to choose an after-sales package with activities that meet any requirement from you: maintenance, spare parts, chemical analysis.

EVA life
EVALED® Service Program
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RV Series
EVA Time Guarantee Extension
EVA Parts Spare parts in-stock
EVA Lab Lab Analysis
EVA Clean Automatic Washing System
EVA Link Remote Control
Eva Maintenace Service Pack EVA Heart
EVA Top Service Pack

EVA Time / Guarantee Extension
Warranty extension: 24 months from installation date and 27 months from delivery date.
Discover our optional:

  • Visits by qualified personnel a few days before the expiry date of the package
  • Check of the plant conditions and suggestions for the conservation of its performance
  • Condition check to further extend warranty

EVA Parts / Spare parts in stock
Description of the spares and consumables that need to be available in stock to make easier repair and maintenance operations. Enhanced reliability with more availability to ensure faster maintenance.

EVA Lab / Lab Analysis
Inlet effluents analysis allows the client to be aware of effluent changes, if any, and to optimize the treatment results by resetting the unit, if needed.

EVA Clean / Automatic Washing System
The integrated chemical cleaning system allows a considerable reduction of maintenance and improves the performance of the unit.

EVA Link / Remote Control
EVA Link is the new service product targeted to Clients who have owners of an evaporator equipped with a state-of-the-art HMI. This ultimate interface allows to keep your evaporator under control and to optimize its performances, thanks to the daily checks and to the updating of parameters and programs.

EVA-Link allows the water treatment unit monitoring from any location through a simple web customized interface. The remote control access allows immediate support and troubleshooting, periodical unit checkup, report and parameters optimization, periodical back-up of the unit data and software modification.

EVA Link is HUBGRADE Digital Services enabled.

EVA Maintenance / Service Pack
Planned preventative service and maintenance visits to ensure the electromechanical efficiency of the plant:

  • routine visits by qualified personnel
  • emergency interventions on demand (48-72h)
  • chemical analysis of the inlet liquid and outlet stream (distillate and concentrate)

EVA Heart / RV Series Maintenance
EVA Heart is the new service program targeted for Client who are owners of a vapour recompressor evaporator (RV series).
Thanks to EVA Heart, now it is possibile to intervene on evaporator downtime and to benefit from a committed repair and maintenance service by replacing the blower – the heart of the unit – with the same model installed on the evaporator.

EVA Top / Service Pack
Complete control of the plant and guaranteed treatment of the correct waste volume (provided that the adequate formerly agreed inlet is respected):

  • spares and consumables
  • emergency interventions
  • complete measures taken to ensure full operational status after any breakdown that may occur

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