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Manufactures brake and suspension systems

By 6 ноября 2017case, mechanical, pcf

The Customer
The Customer is a premier chassis supplier, with branches in many different countries worldwide, that designs and manufactures brake and suspension systems for the global transportation market.

The Customer’s needs
The Customer needs to reduce the high costs related to:
• the disposal of the highly polluting and corrosive waste water coming from hard chromium plating line;
• the operation of the galvanic line.

The Solution provided
EVALED® PCF 6 KT, heat pump forced circulation vacuum evaporator, with heat exchanger tubes in silicon carbide and PVDF coated with fluoride polymer ECTFE. Treatment capacity: 6 m3/day (1.1 gpm) of distillate produced.
The KT series is specifically dedicated to the treatment of extremely aggressive effluents such as those from the Surface Treatments industry are.

The Solution achieved
• Complete ZLD, waste water reduction 100%;
• Concentrate recycled to the chromium bath (adjustment of concentration by adding chromic anhydride and demineralised water);
• Galvanic line OPEX reduction to incineration of the liquid waste.

Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate
Iron mg/l 150-200 < 0.1
Conductivity us/cm < 25,000 < 200
TS at 105 °C % 1
pH 1-2 3.6 1-1.5
Density g/ml 1,006 1.5
Cr g/l 3.5-5 < 0.02 30