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Bearing and seal production: mechanical oily wastewater

By 7 октября 2019case, home, mechanical, pcf

The Client is a world leader bearing and seal manufacturing company. They manufacture and supply bearings, seals, lubrication and lubrication systems, maintenance products, mechatronics products, condition monitoring systems and related services globally.

Customer’s needs
The customer aims to cut the costs he regularly bears for the recovery of oily wastewater and to reduce the fluids coming from the manufacturing line.

The Solution provided
The unit supplied is a PC F 0.7, with a distillate production capacity of 0.7 ton/day and a footprint of 1.12 m2. EVALED PC F is a line of heat pump vacuum evaporators designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids while minimizing the fouling and scaling phenomena at low temperature evaporation. The line is dedicated to water reuse.

The Solution achieved
The reduction of the disposal costs with a result of about 90-95% water reused, and a 95% concentration factor.

Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out
pH 6-12 6.5-11
COD mg/l 15000-120000 200-1500
Conductivity µs/cm (20°C) 1000-5000 <50-125
Heavy metals mg/l 10-20 <0.1
Chlorides mg/l 100-1200 <1-5
Ammonia nitrogen mg/l 40-90 5-20
Boron mg/l 300-500 <0.1-0.6
Surfactant mg/l 1000-4000 0.2-2
Total oil mg/l 3000-50000 5-30