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Pharma veterinary products

By 15 June 2020case, healthcare, rvf

The Client is a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of veterinary medicines. It offers customers one of the industry’s broadest, most innovative portfolios, spanning products to support performance and to prevent, treat and control disease in all major farm and companion animal species.

Customer’s needs
The Client is searching for an effective solution for the treatment of large quantities of polluted wastewater containing API that cannot be discharged.

The Solution provided
The plant provided consists of 3 evaporators type EVALED RV F 40, with a production capacity of 40 ton/day of distillate and a footprint of 14 m2 each. EVALED RV F is the range of mechanical vapor recompression evaporators designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with the minimum fouling and scaling. The line is dedicated to water separation and possible reuse and it is extremely effective in case of high salty wastewater (ZLD).

The results
The solution achieved:
• ~90% water separated;
• >10 times concentration factor;
• disposal cost reduction;
• compliance with internal environmental standards;
• compliance with the discharge limits for API.

Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate Out
COD ppm 3000-5000 <500 -
Conductivity μS/cm <6000 <55 -
TS at 105°C % 0,5-1,0 - <10
Chlorides ppm 400 <10 -
Ammonium ppm 300-500 <20 -
API ppm considerable < limit *

* The respect of the API limit has been proved by the customer