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Mechanical: wastewater from parts production

By 7 September 2018case, pcr, surface treatment

Market leader in the sector, this Company develops, manufactures and distributes power tools for professional forestry and agriculture as well as for garden and landscape maintenance, the construction sector and the demanding private user.

Customer’s needs
The Client acknowledges its impact on the environment and the neighborhood and assumes the responsibility to keep its ecological footprint as low as feasible and legally required, whichever is more strict.
The Client requires to reduce:

  • treatment cost of high polluted and corrosive wastewater from the production line
  • distillate reuse as cooling tower feeding water

The Solution provided
Two EVALED® evaporators: RV F 10 and PC R 0.5.
RV F is the mechanical vapor recompression evaporators line designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with the minimum fouling and scaling, with very low energy consumption.
PC R is the range of heat pump vacuum evaporators with scraped system, designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids at low temperature and able to manage a high level of fouling and scaling phenomena (viscous liquids, sediment presence).

The Solution achieved

  • 28 times reduction of former treatment cost
  • 96.4% distillate reuse as cooling tower feeding water
Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
Heat pump Scraped heating jacket PC R 0.5 AISI 316 2
MV R forced circulation RV F 10 AISI 316 7