Industrial wastewaters are usually considered a costly waste due to the fact that they need to be treated before drain or reuse, if you do not want to pay for their disposal. But if the pollutant substances are correctly removed, wastewater can be turned into a resource, for your company and for the environment as well.
As a matter of fact, industrial wastewater treatment aimed at water reuse is an effective way to save money while saving and replenishing resources, complying at the same time with local industrial regulations and standards.

EVALED®, that has installed worldwide thousands of wastewater treatment plants in over 40 years’ experience, is one of the industrial wastewater treatment companies that provide wastewater evaporation systems specifically designed to meet challenging wastewater treatment requirements.

EVALED® innovative wastewater treatment technologies for the treatment of industrial water and wastewater

Thanks to the industrial wastewater treatment systems designed by EVALED®, now industrial water and wastewater treatment is not only considered a mandatory engagement for companies, but can also become a way to achieve economical, strategic and reputational benefits.
Discover how many:

  • A wastewater evaporation system can significantly reduce volumes of wastewater to dispose of, and related costs.
  • The high-quality distillate coming from our industrial water treatment processes can be discharged into the sewer or reused.
  • Water is one of the most precious resource we have and must be preserved: our wastewater treatment plant enables water reuse within the production process (if possible) or for other factory purposes.
  • The treatment of industrial effluents ensures the reduction of the amount of polluting waste released into the environment.
  • Our wastewater treatment is compliant with the most stringent regional environmental regulations and it can thus enable a positive perception of your company by the local community.
  • Our wastewater treatment and the Zero Liquid Discharge respond at least to 5 of 17 goals included in the 2030 Agenda stated by the UN General Assembly.

Wastewater treatment equipment for different applications

EVALED® is a wastewater treatment manufacturer with a unique full portfolio of wastewater treatment equipment suitable to treat the widest range of effluents coming from various types of industries.