The EVALED® evaporators’ key points:

  • standard and modular units
  • different reliable heat transfer technologies and sizes to fit better your needs
  • low energy consumption
  • low carbon footprint
  • high automation
  • remote control
  • combination with RO plants for ZLD projects
  • different MOC to treat even the most aggressive effluents
  • quality certification (ISO 9001/2015)

All evaporators undergo a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with water for three days before installation.

The industrial wastewater treatment becomes an opportunity for water recycling and valuable matter recovery. Water and wastewater treatment units particularly suitable when high quality distillate is required.

PC is the Evaled® evaporators family that stands out from the others because of the flexibility, low energy consumption and reliability. The heat pump vacuum evaporation allows to control problematic foaming phenomena, allowing total separation of metals and surfactants, giving high yield and quality in terms of distillate, with a significant reduction of COD.
PC range is available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

  • Vacuum conditions 7- 9 kPa
  • Low boiling temperature 30 – 40 °C
  • Ozone friendly refrigeration gas R 134
  • Electrical consumption 150 kWh/ton of distillate
  • Suitable for low capacity

When low cost energy sources make the difference.

Water and wastewater treatment units using low cost energy sources.

AC is the Evaled® evaporators family that takes advantage of excess hot water or steam readily available from co-generation or cooling plants. Use of the existing heating and cooling water provides a cost effective solution by reducing the operating costs.

The AC series is able to handle a variety of wastewater and, thanks to the forced circulation, reduction of fouling and scaling phenomena is achievable.

AC range is available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

  • Features & Benefits
  • Evaporation conditions 4 – 30 kPa
  • Low boiling temperature 30 – 70 °C
  • Electrical energy (cooling and heating circulating pumps) 12-30 kWh/ton of distillate
  • Energy from hot water/steam 300/600 kWh/ton of distillate
  • Heat energy from cogeneration plants

Where large volumes and high temperatures are combined, this is the technology of choice.

The low running costs due to minimal electrical energy consumption, enable installation in a plant with a return on investment that can often be measured in months.

The RV is the EVALED® higher capacity family of evaporators. They can treat up to 200 m3 (52,800 gal) of distillate per day and are ideal when large quantity of waste which can cause fouling, precipitation and crystal formation has to be treated.

The RV range is available in three series using different heat transfer technologies:

  • Evaporation conditions 7- 9 kPa
  • Electrical energy (compressor, circulating pumps) 80 – 90 °C
  • Suitable to treat RO concentrate