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Water reuse from digestate treatment

By 4 diciembre 2020acf_es, biogas_es, case, waste_es

The Client is a collector of municipal waste, previously separated, and different sludges from a waste water treatment plant.
Through a complete treatment process, the plant produces biogas and compost. 

Customer’s needs
The Client’s request was to find a solution to treat the digestate they have, coming from the biogas production process, and to obtain clean water for internal use, thus reducing the costs for discharge.

The solution provided
To achieve this goal the solution provided consists of an EVALED AC F 40 evaporator, with a distillate production capacity of 40 ton/day and a footprint of 15 m2.
AC F is the line of hot/cold water and forced circulation vacuum evaporators designed to treat liquids with high content of dissolved solids at low temperature, with the minimum fouling and scaling index. They are particularly suitable when a thermal surplus is available on site: for instance, in case of cogeneration and fumes heat recovery.

The supplied unit replaces an Evaled evaporator in operation since 2002. The client’s renewed trust in Evaled products is the most important proof of the Evaled technologies effectiveness and reliability.

The solution achieved

  • important disposal cost reduction
  • water reuse: 90%
  • concentration factor: >10 times
  • water recycled for the biofilter/scrubber for odor control
  • exploitation of the thermal energy available.
Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
Hot/cold water AC F 40 UNS S32750 15
Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate
pH 7-8 6.1 9
TS at 105 °C % 1 - > 10
SO4 ppm < 205 < 10 > 2000
Cl ppm 1700 < 5 -
COD ppm > 2000 < 50 -