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Die casting industrial wastewater treatment

By 15 September 2016case, mechanical, pcf

The Client
Our Client is a company that has been operate in the field of aluminum products for the food industry since 1936 producing pots for local and foreign markets. The production line also includes all the mechanical processing from plates to finished products.

The challenge
The goal to be achieved was the reduction of the disposal costs of 30 m3/days of a not-dischargeable oily wastewater and gas scrubber blowdown. Further problems and costs arose from logistics and storage of these two pollutant streams.

Parameters (UM) Inlet Distillate Concentrate
COD (ppm) 8,000 < 300
Dry residue (%) 0.4 10
Surfactants (ppm) 80 < 3
Condu. (uScm) 1,300 100

The Solution provided

Die casting lubricants wastewater
Water containing liquid release agents coming from parts cleaning is treated with an EVALED® TC 30000. The distillate obtained, over 90% of the initial flow rate, is sent back to the gas scrubber; for a further reduction, the concentrate, once mixed with the stream coming from the gas scrubber, is sent to a second evaporator.

Gas scrubber blow-down wasterwater
This stream, together with the concentrate coming from the die casting process, undergoes a treatment by means of an EVALED® heat pump evaporator type E 4000. The outcoming distillate, about 90% of the initial flow rate, is mixed with the distillate of the first evaporator and used for fresh gas scrubber make-up. The very small remaining volume of waste is sent to disposal.

Technology Type Flow rate Consumption
Heat Pump PC EVALED E 4000 3.4 m3/day 150 kWh/ton
Vapor recompression RV EVALED TC 30000 30 m3/day 50 kWh/ton

Results & benefits

The solution provided led to:

  • An over 10 times reduction of waste disposal costs;
  • Opportunity to reuse the distillate within the gas scrubber system;
  • Exploitation of the separated oil as a fuel with high heat-producing power.