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Die-casting for the automotive industry: oily wastewater treatment.

By 15 September 2022case, mechanical, rvf

The customer

A leading high-performance manufacturer of die-cast aluminum and zinc components for the automotive industry designs, develops and produces several different products, ranging parts that vary in weight from 0,005 to 20 kg. With the intent of combining high quality with maximum cost efficiency they continuously work to improve internal and external processes.

They aim at reducing the wastewater volume coming from the production process and the related high disposal costs, and to reuse the water within the manufacturing cycle. The wastewater contains mainly oils and glycol.

The solution provided
The EVALED solution we recommended to achieve these important goals is a mechanical vapor recompression evaporator type RV F 15, with a distillate production capacity of 15 m3/day and a footprint of 8.2 sqm.

RV F is the range of mechanical vapor recompression evaporators designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with minimum fouling and scaling.
The line is dedicated to water separation and possible reuse from high salty wastewater.
The MVR is the lowest energy consumption evaporation technology. Wastewater is constantly treated: the distillate and the concentrate are continuously separated and then simply discharged through a pump.
The high efficiency is achieved also thanks to the heat recovered by cooling the two outlet streams using the inlet effluent.

All the EVALED®️ RV F evaporators can be remotely monitored and controlled through the HUBGRADE digital platform.

The results:

  • 90% water reuse
  • disposal costs reduction
  • ZLD
  • Payback: <3 years
Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
MVR Forced Circulation RV F 15 AISI316 8.2
Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate
pH 5.2
TS at 105°C % 0.84 <0.1 8.4
Conductivity μS/cm 2630 <50 -
COD ppm 24200 <500
Surfactants ppm 381 <2 -