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Water reuse for the graphic arts industry

A leading international packaging and paper group with operations across 31 countries, a full-range supplier to multiple industries.

Customer’s needs

  • to comply with the new internal Environmental rules: water and CO2 minimization;
  • to find a solution for the treatment of flexo printing rinsing water, containing inks and sometimes glue, in several new facilities across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

The solution provided

To achieve these goals the solution consists of an evaporator  PC F 4, with a distillate production capacity of 4 ton/day, followed by a PC R 0.5, with a distillate capacity of 0.5 ton/day.
PC F series is the line of heat pump evaporators designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids at low temperature evaporation.

PC R is a range of heat pump vacuum evaporators with scraping system able to manage higher level of fouling and scaling phenomena (viscous liquids, sediment presence) and ideal even as second step evaporation when significant concentration rates are demanded. They produce maximum distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs and are  compact skid-mounted units, simple, safe and easy to move.

Control is by a PLC, including the functions of feed and discharge, which allows automatic operation and minimum supervision. All models are designed for continuous operation, 24h/day, and require just electrical supply and compressed air. 

All the EVALED®️ PC evaporators can be remotely monitored and controlled through the HUBGRADE/EVALink digital platform.

The solution achieved

  • high disposal cost reduction
  • water reuse for washing
  • certificated solution to be replicated and to be extended to all the others facilities

The client chose the same solution for other 5 production plants in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
Mechanical Vapor Recompression PC F 4 AISI 316 3.14
Mechanical Vapor Recompression PC R 0.5 AISI 316 1.8
Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate
pH 6-7 9-10 7
TS at 105 °C % 1 - > 15
Conductivity μS/cm 2800 < 100
COD ppm 23500 < 500
Tot. extract. org. sub. ppm < 700 < 10
Calcium ppm 800 -