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Capsule printing: pharmaceutical waste water

By 8 Juli 2019case, healthcare, pcf

A science-led global healthcare company, with 3 global businesses that research, develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.

Customer’s needs
In their Polish premises, they use a unique technology to print directly on capsules with a low energy laser. The Client aims to reduce the residue to incinerate and the relevant costs.

The Solution provided
The unit supplied to the client is a EVALED® PC F 4, with a distillate production capacity of 4 m3/day and a footprint of 3.2 m2. EVALED® PC F is a line of heat pump vacuum evaporators designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids while minimizing the fouling and scaling phenomena with low temperature evaporation.

The Solution achieved
• a target of less than 10 μg/l of Dutasteride in the distillate and the reduction of the disposal costs;
• a benefit of ~94% water reused;
• a 16.7 times concentration factor.

Parameters U.M. Waste In Distillate Out Concentrate
COD ppm 25000 <160 >200000
TS at 105 °C % 1.14 - <18
Conductivity µs/cm 700 <20
TTS ppm 500 0 >80000
Dutasteride ppm 190 <0.001 >3000