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Chemicals production: wastewater treatment and water reuse

By 17 October 2018case, chemicals, pcr

A specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for the building sector and motor vehicle industry.

Customer’s needs
For buildings as well as for industrial applications, the Client aims to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency. The company keeps making every effort to contribute to reducing resource consumption. For all these reasons, the Client requires to reduce wastewater disposal volumes.

The Solution provided
Two EVALED® evaporators: RV F 10 and PC R 2.RV F is the mechanical vapor recompression evaporators line designed to achieve the most reliable heat exchange with the minimum fouling and scaling, with very low energy consumption. PC R is the range of heat pump vacuum evaporators with scraped system, designed to treat liquids with a high content of dissolved solids at low temperature and able to manage a high level of fouling and scaling phenomena (viscous liquids, sediment presence).

The Solution achieved
• 12.5 times concentration factor
• 92% water reused

Technology type Material Footprint (m2)
MVR Forced circulation RVF 10 UNS S 32750 7.11
Heat Pump Scraped Heating jacket PC R 2 UNS S 32750 4.2