Biogas is produced by the fermentation of organic substances of animal and vegetal origin in absence of oxygen (anaerobic process). This process produces a highly conductive aqueous stream contaminated by heavy metals, called digestate. It also contains a high concentration of ammonia, nitric nitrogen, methane, phosphorus and BOD. Due to this specific chemical composition, environmental regulations often do not allow it to spread directly to the fields.

Anaerobic digestion wastewater and digestate treatments

Combining industrial performance and sustainable development while remaining competitive requires that the biogas and biofuels industry ensure safe industrial processes, that reduce operational costs, providing significant savings, and that implement solutions to comply with environmental regulations, which ultimately lead to the public’s acceptance of a site.

EVALED® evaporators are a technological solution for:

  • Treatment of digestate using hot water coming from cogeneration
  • Treatment of streams highly concentrated in sugars, to obtain a by-product for biogas plants feeding

Where to use our systems for wastewater treatment of anaerobic digestate

EVALED® wastewater evaporation systems are the perfect solution to the treatment of sludge digesters wastewater; our evaporators can treat the digestate coming from the biogas production processes, obtaining water for internal use and thus reducing the costs for discharge.

  • Biogas plants: by-products, manure, solid and liquid waste
  • Biogas plants: engineering companies
  • Biodiesel production plants
  • Biomass hydrolysis sugar production


Application Evaled ADDED VALUE
Digestate from anaerobic digestion of F&B/Agricultural by-products and manure RV, AC Nitrate and CO 2 reduction, digestate volume reduction
Digestate from anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste RV, AC Nitrate and CO 2 reduction, digestate volume reduction
Gas scrubber biogas production RV, AC Nitrate and CO 2 reduction, digestate volume reduction
Wastewater from biomass sugar transformation PC Water and product recovery, sludge reduction
New or revamping wastewater plants RV, AC Water reuse, disposal & operational costs reduction
Application Evaled ADDED VALUE
Gas scrubber biodiesel production (Fischer Tropsch) RV Water reuse, disposal cost reduction

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Biogas plants – by-products, manure, solid and liquid waste
Biogas plants – Engineering companiesBiodiesel production plantsBiomass hydrolysis sugar production


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