Modern society is facing a future characterized by dilemmas involving several aspects of life, common both to the private citizen and the large corporation. Water shortages and ever more stringent discharge limits, rising raw material costs and increasing CO2 emissions are all unfortunate tendencies of notable concern. In response to such a scenario EVALED®, backed by thirty five years of success, chose the route of innovation.

The new EVALED® RV F series evolves from the MVR range, itself the pinnacle of technological excellence within every industry using water within its process. Designed to notably reduce the volume of wastewater and its disposal costs, and to stringently comply with the discharge limits imposed by the numerous environmental regulations worldwide, EVALED® evaporators have now moved on to their next level of excellence: RV F is the answer to the future challenges facing mankind.

The technical solutions applied, backed by experimental analyses, permit a further improvement in performance and energy savings:

• the innovative demister offers excellent distillate quality levels;
• the new compressor has been repositioned and offers an improved transmission; a stainless steel version is also available;
• an even more efficient thermal exchange recovers energy both from the concentrate and the distillate.

Close attention to customer needs, matured from the know-how accumulated from thousands of installations worldwide, ensures a focused approach as regards the User’s daily needs:

• improved accessibility to all main components;
• user manual available in tablet format for a more intuitive and easier access to information;
• a new heat exchanger automatic chemical cleaning kit allows this activity to be scheduled during the night, the weekend or any other moment, and with minimum manpower’s employment;
• improved unit monitoring and remote control;
• a reduced footprint and the ability to install the unit outdoors.

EVALED®’s development was focused on further environmental awareness, driving the innovation process towards an even greater respect for the ambient:

• further reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions;
• a new soundproof housing offering notable noise reductions;
• completely drainable unit through the specific discharge sleeves, avoiding the risk of leakages which could potentially be noxious for the environment.

RV F represents the new EVALED® challenge, offering the User an even more focused solution featuring real added value in every field.

Type Distillate produced
RV F 10 8-10 ton/day 2400-3200 ton/year
RV F 15 12-16 ton/day 3000-5000 ton/year
RV F 30 20-30 ton/day 5000-9000 ton/year
RV F 40 30-40 ton/day 7000-12000 ton/year
RV F 60 50-60 ton/day 15000-20000 ton/year
RV F 120 100-120 ton/day 30000-40000 ton/year

CO2 Footprint challenge

Our carbon footprint reduction program drives innovation.

EVA life

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