This section contains the guidelines for personal data treatment for the users accessing the “” website.

According to the dispositions of art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – Persona data protection code – this notification is given for the interaction with the web services offered by this website for which it is exclusively valid, any other website that might be reached through a link in this website is excluded.

Consultation of this website may entail one or more data treatments of identified or identifiable persons. 
Data Controller to treat these data is Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. with registered office at no.13, Via Lampedusa, Milan, Italy, and operation and administrative office of the Solutions Division at no. 3, Via Pra’ di Risi, Zoppola (PN), Italy.

Data treatment of the website will be effected at the aforesaid operation and administrative office only by qualified personnel especially in charge of this duty, or by technicians for maintenance purposes.
No data from the website service will be disclosed or released, but anonymously, aggregated and for statistic purposes only.
Personal data from the users asking for information and/or advertising material will be exclusively treated to carry out the required service or performance and, if necessary, they will be disclosed to third parties.

Web browsing information data.
During normal activity and for website performance reasons data processing systems and software procedures implicitly collect personal data, such as IP addresses or registered domain names of the users’ computers connecting to the website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses of the sources required, request time, how the request reached the server, dimensions of the received files, numeric code showing the reply status of the server (successful conclusion, error, etc.) and any other parameter regarding the operating system and the user’s data processing environment according to internet communication protocol systems.
Information collection has no user-profiling purposes, though their process and association with other data from third parties might allow user identification.
These data will be used for anonymous statistic purposes about the website use and to test its correct operation.
Data are immediately cancelled as soon as their process for website performance has ended, except when liabilities for website damages from computer crimes have to be determined.

Data voluntarily provided by the user.
The facultative, explicit and voluntary submission of e-mails to the website addresses involves the immediate acquisition of the sender’s address to reply to questions as well as the acquisition of any other personal data in the e-mail.

The reasons for personal data treatment may be attributable to:

  • required and agreed services performance between the parties;
  • commercial communication and information through electronic systems or paper documents related to the company items and services;
  • law and disposition compliance requested by legal entities and authorities;
  • contractual, administrative and organizational activity management concerning the relationship between the parties;
  • company protection during disputes.

Treatment of collected personal data can be effected through paper, computer and electronic documents in full compliance with the law dispositions for confidentiality, safety, correctness, update protection and provided they comply with the declared purposes.
Personal data treatment occurs through automatic tools and just for the time the purpose they were collected for is achieved.
Specific safety measures are put in place to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

None of the user personal data is purposely collected by the website.
No cookie is employed for personal data information transmission, nor is any kind of the so-called persistent cookies, i.e.: user tracking systems.
The use of the so-called session cookies in this website (which are not persistently recorded in the user’s personal computer and are cancelled once the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the session identifying data transmission (consisting of server generated random numbers) to allow safe and efficient web browsing.
The so-called session cookies in this website ensure no other potentially prejudicial informatics techniques is employed for the user web browsing safety and for user identifying personal data collection prevention.

Apart from quotations concerning web browsing data, the user can choose whether to disclose personal data requested in forms for information material or any other communication request.
Refusal to release data transmission permission might entail impossibility to receive the required information or items.
Personal data treatment checks might be carried out upon request from the above-mentioned data protection authority according to Italian Law, though this activity does not fall within the website ordinary management activity.

According to art. no. 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, at any time data subjects are entitled to ask the Data Controller for their data presence acknowledgement, to learn about the content and the origin of data collection as well as treatment reasons and purposes, to verify data correctness and ask for their integration, update and rectification or cancellation or transformation to anonymous data or for data deletion for law violation, opposition can also be exerted for legal reasons to personal data treatment, provided their collection purpose is relevant, in this event request follow-up might be compromised.

Inquiries can be addressed to: Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. with registered office at no.13, Via Lampedusa, Milan, Italy, and operation and administrative office of the Solutions Division at no. 3, Via Pra’ di Risi, Zoppola (PN), Italy, telephone no.: +39 0434 516311, fax +39 0434 516310, e-mail: