The PC R series evaporators have a heating system based on a heat pump and operate under vacuum at 5kPa and around 30°C (86°F).
Heat exchange occurs within a conical jacket, and the boiling chamber inside part is cleaned by internal scrapers that continuously stir concentrate. This configuration is designed to produce a concentrate with a high final concentration and a distillate with low conductivity.

  • From 150 to 2000 l/day of distillate
  • Dramatic reduction of volumes and disposal costs
  • Matter recovery

Extremely suitable when:

  • the wastewater has a high initial content of dissolved or suspended solids
  • the wastewater is already pre-concentrated
  • the daily volumes are relatively small
  • the distillate has to be of the highest quality
  • the concentrate has to be recycled
Type Distillate produced
PC R 0.1 150 l – 40 US gal/24h
PC R 0.5 500 l – 132 US gal/24h
PC R 1 1,000 l – 265 US gal/24h
PC R 2 2,000 l – 529 US gal/24h

EVA life

Veolia Water Technologies Italia
is a reliable partner as ensures
a lifetime guarantee for the EVALED® evaporators.