AC F series evaporators for wastewater treatment is the hot/cold water evaporators with forced circulation and external shell & tube heat exchanger. The heat necessary to boil the wastewater is supplied by hot water running into the heat exchanger; the cooling necessary to condensate the steam is supplied by cold water running into the heat exchanger at the top of the boiling chamber.

  • From 20 to 60 ton/day of distillate
  • Dramatic reduction of volumes and disposal costs
  • Opportunity to use power from cogeneration plants
Extremely suitable when heat energy from cogeneration plants is available.
Type Features
Single Effect
AC F 20 20,000 l – 5,300 US gal distillate / 24h
17 m3/h heating water flow-rate (90 °C/194 °F)
73 m3/h cooling water flow-rate (25 °C/77 °F)
AC F 40 40,000 l – 10.600 US gal distillate / 24h
34 m3/h heating water flow-rate (90 °C/194 °F)
146 m3/h cooling water flow-rate (25 °C/77 °F)
Double Effect
AC F 60-2 60,000 l – 15,800 US gal distillate / 24h
heating water flow-rate (90 °C/194 °F)
cooling water flow-rate (25 °C/77 °F)

EVA life

Veolia Water Technologies Italia
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a lifetime guarantee for the EVALED® evaporators.